Here’s How Bethesda Will Handle Fallout 76 Microtransactions

Fallout 76 is something that is completely different from anything else that has been done in the game’s universe. In a bid to get people on board, Bethesda has been quite transparent in how the game has been developed and microtransactions are no different. We will be looking at Fallout 76 microtransactions and whether or not they will end up having any meaningful impact in the game.

Fallout 76 Microtransactions

Among the gameplay that we have to see and all of the other information that came to light during E3 relating to Fallout 76 was the fact that the game will have microtransactions.

However, the main thing about it was the fact that the microtransactions will only be for cosmetic items and will have absolutely no effect on the way that the game is played.

This is usually fine for gamers, as people do not mind forking over some of their money to continue development of the game after its release and get some items in return.

This is also completely fair since anyone who has spent hundreds of dollars will have no inherent advantage over someone who has spent absolutely 0 on the in-game cosmetic items.

There is always a fair amount of controversy whenever we see a game adopt a microtransaction system. The controversy is even bigger when it is a franchise which has historically not used this mode.

We have seen this model fail many a times with games such as NBA 2K and Star Wars: Battlefront. However, those were games which adopted a pay-to-win system.

As far as cosmetic items are concerned, around 69% of people seem to be all right with it as shown in a recent poll.

It is no surprise that Bethesda was very eager to mention that their game will only have cosmetic microtransactions, as there is a fair chance that the community and especially the long-standing fans of the franchise would be completely disappointed had the game had any kind of a pay to win system implemented into it.


Another good thing that we have to know about the game was the fact that the currency that is used to get the aforementioned cosmetic items will have the option to be earned in game.

Todd Howard from Bethesda has stated that the currency used to buy items will be earnable in-game or purchasable from real money. This is done to ensure that the game does not go through a bifurcation later on with new DLCs.

Due to the fact that the game will have cosmetic items for purchase, it has been confirmed that all of the content released for the game after the launch will be free so as to ensure that the players do not split into different camps based on whether they have the appropriate DLCs or not.

This also confirms that Fallout 76 will be a service rather than a game and the microtransactions exist to ensure the game is developed for years and years to come.

That is how Fallout 76 microtransactions will work. Let us know whether you agree with their model using the comments section below!