Cyberpunk 2077 Gameplay Demo Hides the Future of Advertising

Cyberpunk 2077 gameplay demo showed us a futuristic Night City where the media and advertising have overwhelmed our day to day lives. Cyberpunk gameplay showed a very interesting advertising concept in their gameplay demo that may have slipped you by but I’m sure advertising moguls will look at it with intrigue.

Data collection is a big part of our advertising spectrum; from social media to websites you visit study your behaviors, patterns, search history, interests, to deliver the best and most relevant ads. But such advertising is limited to digital platforms but Cyberpunk merged the digital and real life to the extent that even ad delivery is unique.

Early on in the demo, the main character comes across a digital, interactive billboard. The fascinating thing about it was it changed the moment V stepped closer to it. It recognized the person viewing the ad and morphed into the most relevant ad, suited for V.

In this case, V was looking for a soda and digital billboard not only showed her a soda ad but also marked the nearest location where she could find it. The location was marked using her cybernetic implants but in real life, the same could be achieved with your smartphones as they can sync up with such billboards.

It is a very interesting way to advertising but one that we are no way near seeing in real life. But surely, this would inspire at least some digital ad companies.

Cyberpunk 2077 gameplay demo is currently available to watch online and it is the most detailed game we have ever seen. It is amazing what the developers have crafted from a pen and paper concept. But to run this concept on your gaming machine you would need to wait for at least another year.