Queen Azshara — Her Story and Role in World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth

Blizzard dropped the Queen Azshara cinematic movie for Battle for Azeroth and everyone is excited to see the outcome of Azshara fairytale. Everyone is still fascinated about Azshara story even though she is one of most corrupted, egoistic, and self-centered individual in the World of Warcraft universe.

Queen Azshara is one of the most important characters in World of Warcraft storyline. Her impact on the Warcraft universe is greater and then most of us know about.

Now at this moment most of us curious on which roll Queen Azshara will play in Battle for Azeroth. We will discuss in this article everything related to Queen Azshara from Battle of the Ancient to the present day.

Queen Azshara in Battle for Azeroth

Queen Azshara was the Queen of Nightelves before the War of the Ancient. During her reign, the Nightelf Civilization dominated the world and was enjoying the Golden Age.

As the Nightelves drew most of their power from Well of Eternity which contributed a lot to their success, this act caught the eye of Demon Lord Sargeras a former Titan.

Sargeras made the pact with the Queen Azshara to cleanse the world of lesser beings and Azshara fantasize to marry the former Titan.

As the Nightelves were using the Well of Eternity, it made it harder for her to make the link needed to summon Sargeras. She banned the use of Well of Eternity for anyone except herself and High Bourne.

This act made everyone suspicious of Queens’s actions and internal strife spread among the Nightelves. However, people were still confident in the leadership of Queen Azshara, as she was loved so much more.

Sargeras could not be summoned because the link was so week and he was immensely powerful. Therefore, he sent one his minion Manaroth to control the situation and made plans to eventually summon him.

As the minions were storming around the palace and started killing, the Nightelves made most people to rebel. While Queen ignored the mass slaughter, three of the Nightelves leaders were enraged and wanted to end this as soon as possible.

Nightelves rebellion laid by Melfurion eventually overpowered Manaroth and his minion with the help of Dragon Soul. The continent shattered and divided into four different parts; this meant the end of Nightelf civilization.

Queen Azshara and the Old God N’Zoth

Queen Azshara lost everything in The Sundering but her story was not over. N’Zoth the Old God imprisoned by the Titans approached her and offered her a deal.

N’Zoth turned the Queen and her allies into the Naga so they could live in the Water and help him get out of the Prison.

Queen Azshara and N’Zoth’s involvement in world affairs started to appear more and more during the Legion. Curiosity spread among the core community of World of Warcraft that there may be a raid but it did not happen.

Queen Azshara while busy with getting more and more powerful, she was still working under the radar. She is likely one of the strongest mortals in the game at this moment.

Her powers were comparable to a Demi-god at the time of War of the Ancient and she has become a lot more powerful with the help of old gods.

Queen Azshara is hungry for revenge for quite some time and is waiting for the right moment to attack.

Queen Azshara and Battle for Azeroth

Queen Azshara is heavily involved in the expansion with a dedicated questline in both Horde and Alliance.

She is trying to gain more and more power which is a receipt for disaster. Azshara is already quite powerful and if she is trying to get more than something is different going to happen.

My personal observation and the track record of Blizzard show that while we will definitely get an Azshara Raid but she most probably will not be the final boss of the expansion.

She will be the new Gul’dan-like character and will manage to resurrect a bigger enemy for us to fight, that could potentially be N’Zoth or something different.

While she is an absolute monster, many of us personally feel that she should be given the time she deserves considering the importance of her character in World of Warcraft universe.