There Are 6 Districts In The Division 2, Details Reveal

Rolling out next year, Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 is something that a lot of fans are waiting for. So any type of information would be a captivating aspect for this upcoming game. Just recently at the Gamescom 2018 a lot of interesting details have been revealed.

Various topics regarding this upcoming sequel were discussed, how both of these games came about to what kind of decisions and things were involved in building the world. They talked about how the city has been recreated and what is the reason, behind choosing Washinton DC.

However, the most captivating aspect discussed was the new setting and the new environment in this upcoming game. In which they revealed that the city in Division 2 is being removed out from the urban forest by Washington DC.

Now before you go on speculating that residential districts are pretty much similar to the suburbs, you should know that DC has been built on a swamp, which has given the devs a lot of creative possibilities. The best part is that the game has six unique districts and each district, has its own unique environment.

The six divided districts have been listed below.

  • Suburbs
  • Nature
  • The Residential district
  • Commercial area
  • Government area
  • Historical district

Talking about Washington DC, you guys might also find it intriguing that The Division 2, will also give you the opportunity to not only use White House as your base of operations but you will also be able to upgrade your base, as you move along in the game.

You know what else is hot on the plate? Well, you have heard about Nvidia’s RTX 2000 series making its way to the audience. Well, you may also find this interesting that Nvidia is also pushing in the Real-Time Ray Tracing for video games and the best part is that The Division 2 is among those games, alongside Anthem and some other titles.