Stormdivers: The Ultimate Sci-Fi Battle Royale Blend

Housemarque had been hinting towards Stormdivers in the past. However, the acclaimed Resogun developers took the opportunity to reveal about the battle royale game at Gamescom 2018. The official trailer for Stormdivers is now out.

By looking at the trailer we can come to the conclusion that Stormdivers is the combination of the trendy battle royale genre and some heroic superpowers.

This has turned out to be a major reveal as Housemarque previously in April didn’t give us much about the game other than its name and kind. But now we have been given a look into the combat style of Stormdivers.

Stormdivers promises tough combats with impressive weapons such as a machete and a rocket launcher. Moreover, players would be able to use pretty handy shields as well. The jetpacks also add more flavor to the sci-fi setting of the game.

However, a distinguishing feature of the game is the inclusion of superpowers where players could become invisible and even leap from one spot to another with swiftly. Such superpowers mixed with the already entertaining battle royale genre is bound to please the gaming community.

The game is set in surroundings according to the name where players will battle each other while being delimited in a deadly storm. This storm is shown in the official gameplay trailer gusting away massive objects.

While all these elements in the game are sufficient for Stormdivers to make a name for itself in the market full of big names like PUBG and Fortnite. The place where Stormdivers could actually fall short is the experience of Housemarque in this genre of game development. Housemarque has been known in the past for making single-player games for the most part.

Stormdivers also faces the challenge to up the marks from the newcomers like the arrival of H1Z1 at the battle royale games circle.

Meanwhile, not every game is falling for the trend blindly, for instance, DICE announced it is not making a battle royale mode for Battlefield 5.