Publishers Delaying Gameplay Trailers In Light Of Jacksonville Shooting

By now you might have heard of the tragedy occurred in Florida during Madden NFL eSports tournament. In solidarity to the victims of Jacksonville shooting, game publishers like EA and Activision have delayed gameplay trailer and gameplay showcase for Destiny 2 and Battlefield V.

Battlefield V gameplay for the Rotterdam map was supposed to be revealed by now but many of the content creators over at Youtube have confirmed that the embargo date for Battlefield V Rotterdam gameplay has been extended in light of Jacksonville shooting.

According to “TheTacticalBrit”, EA accounts will be dark during the duration of the embargo and the Battlefield V Rotterdam gameplay will now be revealed tomorrow August 28, 2018.

According to Twitter user Flakfire, Battlefield Stream Team has asked streamers to “stand down” in light of the recent shooting during Madden NFL eSports tournament.

In light of the shooting in Jacksonville, EA’s Battlefield team has shifted the embargo date on #BattlefieldV Rotterdam content to the 28th, and the Battlefield Stream Team has been told to stand down. I know you’re anxious to see new stuff, but this is a time for reflection.

Same is the case with Destiny 2 as a launch trailer for the upcoming expansion, Forsaken, was supposed to go live today which also has been delayed in light of Jacksonville Shooting.

According to Bungie, to show their support for the victims its channels will be quite meaning they will not be revealing the launch trailer for Destiny 2 Forsaken expansion.

The reason why Bungie and EA have decided to delay the gameplay trailers for Battlefield V and Destiny 2 is that both of the games are first-person shooters which obviously won’t be appropriate given the recent Jacksonville Shooting.

Video Games have already been accused of making people violent and following the recent incident video games will be even more scrutinized while the real issue is something else.

However, this is a debate for another time as friends and relatives of the victims are mourning their loss.

What do you think of publishers delaying gameplay trailers in solidarity with the victims? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.