Nvidia Ampere Architecture Will Replace Turing In 2020, Based On 7nm

Nvidia Ampere is something that we have heard of in the past and while it has now been confirmed that the upcoming Nvidia architecture is indeed Turing, what is going to come out after? If that is what you have been wondering when you will be delighted to know that the next generation architecture that will be coming out will be called Nvidia Ampere.

Nvidia Ampere is going to be based on the 7nm process as compared to the Turing architecture that is based on the 12nm process. At this point in time are do not really know the performance of the Turing architecture so we cannot predict what kind of performance gains we can get from moving from the 12nm to the 7nm process but we do know that efficiency will increase and so will the clock speeds of graphics cards.

Nvidia Ampere

According to TSMC the upcoming 7nm process will increase performance by 35% and reduce energy consumption by 65% compared to the 16nm process. While it is fishy that there were no benchmarks at the official announcement, you should wait for the benchmarks from third-party sources in order to make a decision. Keeping that in mind, when we get numbers and see what kind of bump in performance we get as compared to Pascal, we will predict what kind of performance you can get from the upcoming Nvidia Ampere architecture.

Nvidia Ampere

Furthermore, the 7nm+ will further refine the architecture and this will result in further improvements. It is expected that transistor density will increase by 20%, the power consumption will be reduced by 10%. The performance is expected to remain the same, which I do not mind keeping in mind the lower power consumption.

If you can’t wait that long then you should check out the RTX 2080 or the top of the line RTX 2080 Ti. For further information and news regarding Nvidia Ampere stay tuned.

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