Don’t Get Too Close To The Mysterious Giant Purple Cube In Fortnite

Just recently some of the players discovered a Giant Purple Cube In Fortnite, which seems to be continuously gaining a lot of popularity among fans.

Apparently, no one knows what this mysterious Purple Cube is in fact, Epic Games has also not shed any light on the purpose of this Giant Purple Cube In Fortnite, so at the moment it is a complete mystery.

Now as you may know that when players see such mystery, they can not help but stick their nose into it and so they did. Turns out if you get too close to this cube, it will spur you backward.

If you are thinking of shooting, well we have tried that as well, turns out that upon shooting with any weapon, you will find your self-struck with a bolt of lightning.

Moreover, it seems like players can bounce on this Giant Purple Cube In Fortnite pretty much similar to a bouncy pad. Now some of the daring ones have even tried striking it with an axe while bouncing and humorously, players are then catapulted into the air, after which they die upon the crash.

Now, these are just the bad aspects of this cube, add this to the info as well that this Giant Purple Cube In Fortnite is not all bad. Players within the vicinity of the cube can see a pulse of energy on their screens. Following that a flow of increase in shield health.

So if you stick around in that vicinity long enough, you will find your shield fully restored. However do not get too close or an accidental touch could be fatal.

So all this may be interesting for the players but until Epic Games, roll out what this Giant Purple Cube In Fortnite really is, we can only mess around with it. Having said that, if you have good gaming skills of Fortnite, then you can actually get a job in a recruitment company in New Zealand.

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