Fallout 76 Just Confirmed a Major Concern of the Community

Just recently the Vice President of Bethesda studio responded to a question which has been one of the biggest concern of the fans recently. He revealed that Fallout 76 offline mode is not a possibility, in fact, it will never happen.

Pete Hines responded with a clear “no” to the question asked on Twitter, the question was asked by a fan who sought to find out that perhaps in the distant future, could this game feature an offline mode?

To which Hines gave a clear “no”, explaining the reason he said that Fallout 76 completely operates on online servers and even if it were a possibility, which it is not, even then it would be an impossible task to perform.

Further, he also added that the chances of studio considering to re-engineer this game, are pretty slim. Making Fallout 76 Offline would now require a huge amount of work and finances, for a little turnout. So to the fans out there if you have been expecting an offline mode of Fallout 76 even in a few years, it would be better to keep your expectations on the down low.

With all that said, it does not entirely mean that Fallout 76 will always remain a multiplayer game, all the while it will always require an online connection, the devs do have plans to add single player servers to this game, at some point in future. So perhaps that would be a close enough experience.

Be that as it may, one thing about this game is the biggest catch, no matter Fallout 76 Offline may be a dream, but those Nukes are something that the fans could die for. So if you want to know, how to get those launch codes to detonation, then you might find this amusing.

Apart from all that what is your take on all of this offline expectations? Let us know in the comments below.