Anthem Will Carry The “Evolved” Legacy Of Bioware

The game development of Anthem is progressing day by day. Bioware is determined to make Anthem their traditional product by giving it a touch of the heritage of the studio’s crafting style. Jonathan Warner, Game Director for Anthem discussed the title recently at Cologne, Germany.

At the gaming mega-event happening in Germany, Gamescom 2018, Jonathan Warner conversed about the roots of Bioware in connection with the video game. Warner commented on this question posed by GameReactor in an interview by stating:

Honestly, if you look at the games we’ve made on a spectrum, we’ve always evolved somehow, as we tell stories, so Anthem is not so much a parting, it’s a continuous evolution of how we’re doing Bioware tells stories, and so it takes all the experience we’ve gathered, from the development of Baldur’s Gate to Neverwinter and Jade and KOTOR, and of course Mass Effect and Dragon Age, and turn those lessons into something that allows you to share this great story with friends. So we hold this kind of principle in our hearts, and we always want to create experiences that allow you to be the hero of your own story and still share it on a more social basis.

This does not mean at all that Anthem is only supposed to be played with a crew, even though coop is a major focus.

You can enjoy the Anthem on your own if you feel like it and explore the massive map on offer. The director of the game just shared what he feels is the best-suited environment for the game to be played in.

Anthem is releasing early 2019 for PS4, Xbox One, and PC. Pre-orders are now live but the game is also featured in EA Origin Premier for PC.