Aaron Greenberg Wants Changes to Gun Laws

Microsoft’s Aaron Greenberg wishes to see changes to gun laws. In a Tweet condemning what happened at Jacksonville Florida, Greenberg asked fans to stand together for change.

Gun laws are a major issue in the United States which gives the general public easy access to military grade weapons. We have seen a number of mass terrorism acts committed in the United States with these weapons. Even after losing countless innocent lives, politicians refuse to change gun laws in the country, instead,they are busy scapegoating video games. This incident gives them an opportunity to attack video games once again rather than address the real issue; mental health and access to weapons.

The incident took place at a gaming event in Florida, the shooter was a participant of the said event and lost a game early. He left the building and came back with a weapon and opened fire, killing a number of people and injuring many.

Trump holds video games responsible for such acts and we may see strict laws against video games. On the other hands, many video games have delayed their gameplay trailers in light of recent events.

In light of the shooting in Jacksonville, EA’s Battlefield team has shifted the embargo date on #BattlefieldV Rotterdam content to the 28th, and the Battlefield Stream Team has been told to stand down. I know you’re anxious to see new stuff, but this is a time for reflection.

This is a developing story so we will have more for you once more details arrive. Let’s see what the future holds but one thing is for sure, we need stronger gun laws to protect innocent lives.