Pro Players Are Not Too Happy With 5v5 Competitive In Black Ops 4

This is not the first change that has sparked some tension among fans, there have been quite a few. However, most of the pro players seem to be a little put off by it. This 5v5 Competitive In Black Ops 4 is one of the most discussed topics of discussion among the COD fans.

We all are aware of the fact that for as long as anyone can remember, COD has always had 4v4 based teams but with this new change to the competitive teams, there is a lot of skepticality among fans and pro players about it.

While there are few, who think that this change is for the better and will be helpful in determining and discovering more talented players. There is a huge chunk of pro players who have shared their unhappiness with this possibility.

Regarding this ongoing debate about 5v5 Competitive In Black Ops 4, Dan Bunting recently explained that why has the studio opted for a 5v5 competitive team. According to him, the devs wanted to slow things down a little in order to enhance the experience by promoting tactical play, communication, and decisions that are more meaningful.

Now we all know that the 4v4 competitive play already does the same stuff, so apparently what Bunting had to say did not settle the concerns, for the 5v5 Competitive In Black Ops 4.

The famous pro player, ACHES made a post in which the player shared his agitation about this 5 players competitive team. According to ACHES, this move is a naive move and that even thinking that it would bring more opportunities for amateurs, is delusional.

Now although recent reposts seem to predict that Call Of Duty Black Ops 4 may beat Battlefield 5 in terms of sales, this 5 player change by the devs that are not accepted by the fans, may alter such predictions. Apart from that regarding the recently held beta of Black Ops 4, influencers also shared a lot of dislike for the game.

So now it seems to be that Black Ops 4 may find itself in a low expectation zone and the worse part is, its release date, which is just a month apart.