Some Really Good Xbox One Bundles From Gamescom 2018

This year’s Gamescom seems to have brought in a lot of interesting information regarding various titles, hardware and the future plans of various companies. Among them, Microsoft has also revealed some really good Xbox One Bundles.

For those who thought that Microsoft was messing around that it has a lot of news related to hardware, scheduled for Gamescom 2018, are in for a treat.

As it turns out that at this Gamescom, Microsft has brought in some really interesting Xbox One Bundles. Now, of course, the new Xbox Lab designs and the special edition PUBG controller was all but amazing but the slew of these Xbox One Bundles seem to be the catch of the moment.

Now we all know the basics of what will be included in the hardware section, what most of the fans have been looking for in these bundles are the games that shall be included in them.

The best part is that these Xbox One Bundles include all of this seasons best high profile games, which include Fallout 76, Shadow of the Tomb Raider, Battlefield V, and Forza Horizon 4 and many more.

To be honest, such bundles don’t come often, so perhaps it would be a good time to avail the opportunity. There are a total of eight Xbox One Bundles that come with Xbox Game Pass as well as Xbox Gold trials, along with the usual Xbox One wireless controllers. Having said that all of these bundles are now available for preorder.

With all that said, we all are aware that Microsoft is working on the next-gen console already, which they have announced as well. Apparently, they are also aiming to release it before next-gen PlayStation rolls out. So basically you can expect more amazing bundles in the coming months as well since they would want to capture, as much as they can before the next console.