CS Go Youtuber McSkillet Dies In “Suicide” Car Crash

The renowned Youtube gaming sensation “McSkillet” was an 18 years old teenager who lashed his $ 200,000 McLaren against approaching traffic which resulted in the death of the Youtuber and two other individuals. It is allegedly believed to be a “suicide smash” by McSkillet.

The Youtuber gained recognition by uploading gaming videos of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. In addition to that, McSkillet was a frequent creator and vendor of CS Go Skins content. His digital skins were reported to be widely used by gamers in order to modify their loadout in CS GO. This also resulted in the Youtuber being forbidden from online marketplace for apparent association with gambling skin website known as CS GO Magic.

McSkillet was believed to be having strict mental health issues following a loss of a tremendous amount of money due to the bans in the digital marketplace. Nonetheless, he was dubbed as the “king of skins” by the gaming community. His fans were mostly shocked after knowing of this unfortunate happening of his death. His skins inventory is said to be worth $ 100,000.

Despite being widely celebrated on Youtube, McSkillet was stated as a “very private” personality by a fellow digital vendor while talking to Mirror Online. The Youtuber was not open about his real name or identity.

One of his fellow online traders tells about the Youtuber’s basic impression on people through his behavior:

He was a super kind guy who knew what he was talking about.
He genuinely seemed to care for everyone and he was probably one of the nicest all round people I’ve ever met.

It seems bearing the loss of his money played the catalyst for his apparent suicide.