Everything You Need To Know About Rainbow Six: Siege Maverick – Weapons, Gadgets, Talents, Counters

So there is been an announcement for a new operator joining Rainbow Six: Siege and we are more excited now than ever since it’s been quite a while to see another playable operator joining the roster in the multiplayer game. In this Rainbow Six: Siege Maverick article, we have covered everything from the weapons, talents, gadgets to the plot and personality of the Maverick in Rainbow Six: Siege.

Rainbow Six: Siege Maverick

With it’s new expansion, Operation Grim Sky coming soon which along with other changes, brings two new operators, one of them being of the attacker class: Maverick. Let’s talk about his background first:

Erik Thorn or simply known as the Maverick, has had much success with all of the missions given to him. On one of these, he was tasked to track down a missing journalist.

Although he took longer than expected to return with answers, he came back stronger with a different worldview. Using the awareness of things around him, he’s able to adapt and improvise.

In gameplay, this comes in the form of his main gadget: The Blowtorch. This allows for the operator to melt, burn, and break his way through walls, barricades, and other obstacles. He comes with one armor and three points in the Speed Attribute.

His main gadget, The Suri Torch, can make holes in both breakable and reinforced weapons and hatches. These utilize fuel, so you have to be vigilant when using the gadget.

Furthemore, since the use of this gadget is completely silent, this gives the operator and his team a chance at peeking through the small holes in the wall to figure out the enemy’s current position.

Additionally, his torch can also make holes so that you can steal Bandit’s batteries and Mute jammers from the opposition’s side. Thus, this eliminates the enemy’s gadgets.

Regarding his main weapons, he has AR-15.50 or M4 Assault Rifle which will be using .50 caliber bullets for more damage. For his sidearm, you have got Sig Sauer 1911 Tacops with 8 bullets per magazine.

It will be exciting to see what Rainbow Six: Siege Maverick can actually bring to the whole ‘cooperation’ game and how he can team up with other operatives. We will only know when the expansion, Operation Grim, launches on Sept. 03 this year.