PUBG Training Mode Incoming, Will Be Getting Its Own 2X2 Map For Players

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is getting a new map and new content, but it’s not the sort of content that you’ll be able to play regularly. In this case, it’s a PUBG training mode, where you can learn the basics of the game on a specific 2×2 map made specifically for that mode.

Battle Royale games aren’t really the hardest thing to get into; you get on an aircraft as it flies across the map, jump when it’s over a specific spot, land, then run around grabbing weapons while trying to survive until you’re the last person on the map. While simple in its explanation, in execution some people might find it a great deal more challenging.

There are a lot of factors in a Battle Royale game that can mean the difference between victory and defeat, and that’s the purpose of the PUBG training mode. Knowing the right gear to use, ways to conceal yourself, and a number of other things are key to you being able to get a chicken dinner in the game.

The 2X2 map that will be coming along with the PUBG training mode will help you to learn all of these skills, as it includes a shooting range, a race track, a place to practice parachute landings, a melee range, a throwables range, and an area where you can practice close-quarters combat.

In short, the new map has everything you need, and you can probably even still attack people, though whether it’s in a similar manner to the pre-game lobby where you can’t die, or more like an actual combat map (though likely not as being shot while you’re attempting to improve your skills would be quite annoying).

Either way, you can expect the new PUBG training mode and its map to be coming out next month, on the PC at least.