Microsoft Game Studios Won’t Change Cultures Or Portfolio Objectives Of Acquired Studios

Microsoft Game Studios acquired a bunch of studios lately and declared them at the E3 2018 earlier this year. Ever since these acquisitions were announced people have been showing concerns that Microsoft Game Studios might steer the objectives of the acquired studios which would rather limit the capabilities of these studios.

However, the head of Microsoft Studios, Matt Booty assures that they have no such intentions to do so.

Microsoft Games Studios have added accomplished names to their collection by acquiring Undead Labs, Playground Games, Compulsion Games, and Ninja Theory. Moreover, Microsoft Game Studios have shown positive intentions towards these acquisitions by recently announcing the dynamic additions to “The Initiative”. To further clear the air about what Microsoft Game Studios intend to do with the acquired studios, Matt Booty, head of Microsoft Game Studios took it to an interview with GamesIndustry. He established that Microsoft Game Studios are going to disturb the working culture of any of the studios.

I have this framing of people, teams, and ideas. What we don’t want is a situation where we’ve got this spreadsheet of certain type of games where we need a platformer, a kids mascot game, three shooters, two racing games… I don’t want to get into that. I think that good content comes when you supply support to creative people who have got fantastic teams, and then can go off and execute on ideas. It goes very deliberately in that order. We are really not interested in steering any of the studios we’ve acquired into a certain portfolio objective.

Our plan for the studio in terms of integration is very much the same with what we did with Mojang and Minecraft. Which is a very, very minimal level of integration. We are not trying to come in and change the culture. We’re not trying to overdo the Microsoft presence. But what we do is make the studio feel supported, empowered and capable of focusing entirely on the content, without needing to worry about the other day-to-day realities.

Microsoft recently signed a deal with THQ Nordic also so expect exclusive content and marketing partnerships between the two companies.