Metro Exodus: Breaking Down the Ultimate Survival Weapon

Metro Exodus is the latest survival title coming from 4AGames and devs are promoting stealth like never before. Since stealth is such an important element of the new Metro game, Artyom’s tools would need to complement stealth. Thus, the introduction of a deadly crossbow.

The crossbow in Metro Exodus comes with a standard red-dot sight which is perfect for mid-range combat. However, those looking to use the crossbow for long-range shots can place “scopes that are as long as the weapon itself.” Stationary targets are easy to hit but moving targets are a different story.

To successfully hit moving targets at a long-range, players can easily upgrade the crossbow limb for greater speed and precision. At the beginning when you come across the crossbow it only allows you to fire one bolt at a time between reloads. However, you can use a reload cannister to fire three at a time for higher damage rates.

While stealth is crucial, it is definitely not the only way to go, according to Jon Bloch. He explained that the game is balanced between stealth and action gameplay by “rocket scientists.”

Stealth might be the smarter way to go from a conversationist’s point of way, but it’s certainly not the only correct way to do it.

There are many other weapons in the game but we will know more about them as we head closer to release day. It is going to a true survival experience, according to 4A Games. In fact, devs made sure players never get enough loot.

Metro Exodus is releasing on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC in 2019. If you don’t wish to buy the game at $60, you can spend some money on Metro Exodus through Xbox Game Pass which also offers Shadow of the Tomb Raider.

Thanks, PC Gamer Magazine