Is Devil May Cry 5 Music Bad? Well, You Have to be Good to Enjoy it Fully

It’s┬ánot rocket science to understand that those who cannot play a game, how can they judge any aspect of the game? Well, that apparently seems to be the case with the upcoming Devil May Cry 5. It seems like few of the journalists in the gaming industry,┬árecently tried to play the game and apparently, seem to criticize the game’s music.

Now interesting thing is that the music in Devil May Cry 5 becomes better and intense depending on how the player plays the game. So what this means is that those journalists who are not good at playing this game, are exposed to the kind of music based on their playing style.

This information was confirmed in an interview when the producer Okabe, revealed that the music in Devil May Cry 5 will change based on player’s Style rank. So when the style rank increases, the background chorus will start.

Which is a pretty neat move on part of Capcom and certainly is not the first time anyone has tried it, previously we have seen this style being used in, DmC by Ninja Theory or Metal Gear Rising Revengeance by Platinum Games.

Now the fun fact is that those who can play the game with better style will have a better exposure to the music, than those who do not. Which also means that those journalists who are criticising the music of this upcoming game, should first learn to play with style before passing such statements.

This is something that most of the DmC fans are very annoyed on as well that such journalists do not have the capacity to judge.

With all that said, DmC is a gaming series that is now primarily based on pleasing its fans, like introducing some kind of an emotional factor or a certain color scheme that only hardcore fans will relate to. So they know every inch of this title and that is why perhaps, they would be a better judge for this upcoming Devil May Cry 5.

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