For Honor Player Numbers Skyrocket From 5K To 210K With Free Period On Steam

For Honor player numbers on Steam have suddenly skyrocketed now that the game has been released for free on Steam until August 27. The numbers have jumped from 5,000 players to 210,000, an increase of 42,000%. But whether it can still hold onto those new numbers remains to be seen in the future.

The huge increase in players for For Honor is even eclipsing what the game’s numbers were at its former peak, a measly 71,000. Back in May when it promoted a free weekend For Honor was able to actually double its player numbers, but numbers were back on the decline soon afterwards, dropping to the former 5,000.

For Honor previously came out back in February of last year, and despite a promising premise and a great deal of free content, rapidly lost players due to dodgy servers and repetitive gameplay. However, since then it’s gotten a great deal of new content including a revamped tutorial mode, new characters, and even some new maps.

E3 has also given us a sneak peak on a good amount of new content that will be coming to the game in October, such as a new Chinese-inspired faction known as the Wu Lin and a new game mode called Breach, which focuses on players besieging a castle. While many players are likely getting into For Honor because it’s free, some might have held off on playing it until more content came and the Wu Lin and deal were what finally got them to download the game, causing For Honor player numbers to rise.

For Honor player numbers will likely have another spike in October when the game gets its Marching Fire expansion that will bring the Wu Lin into the game, but whether or not the 210,000 can keep up for the next few months remains to be seen. You can currently still get For Honor for keeps on Steam for free, and the deal is available until August 27.