Past, Present, And The Future Of Microsoft, According to Greenberg

Just recently Xbox Marketing General Manager Aaron Greenberg in a presentation, shed light on a few aspects of Microsoft as a company, how it has been using the community feedback to improve and provide a better experience to the fans, what it aims to do and what company, plans for the future.

In short, Greenberg touched all the focal points that give the audience a perspective on the inner working and plans of the company. He started off by emphasizing the importance of utilizing the feedback and participation of the fans, in determining their products.

I think the most important thing for any company is never lose sight of the customer. Always put your fans in the first place . If you think about them with every key decision you make, from every new product to every pricing decision, to every launch date, to how you do things, if you put the customer first, always make the best choice. I think it’s the most important thing you can never lose concentration on.

Then talking about the present partnerships in terms of development and production of Japanese titles, he said that Microsoft has been very keen on the development of Japanese titles. He specifically was optimistic about Kingdom Hearts III from their Square Enix partners and Jump Force from Bandai Namco partners.

We love Japan. Phil (Spencer) goes there every year and in many cases several times a year.

Talking about the future plans of the company in terms of not only the titles but the next-gen console as well as acquisitions with talented studios, Aaron Greenberg said that the focus of Microsoft is set on investing to the growth and expansion.

In order to offer more and more games to the fans irrespective of the next-gen console that is being worked on, they want to assure fans that they alone are the prime focus. What really caught the attention was the fact that Microsoft has all the intentions of working on single player games.

It’s something we absolutely believe in, thanks to the acquisition of talented studios like Ninja Theory and Compulsion.

Now with what Greenberg has revealed a great many questions, seem to have been answered apparently. Like while he shared the fact that they are working with Japanese devs; it seems to connect with the recent alleged news of the next-console seeking help of Japanese devs.

He also shared that Microsoft is very serious, working on AI or even the entire Azure cloud, all of this in context with the future of the cloud. This should certainly ring a few bells, as a little while back we did have Phil Spencer talk about next-generation consoles being the last, as he added that cloud is the future.

So we can definitely expect positive changes from Microsoft since they are stepping it up in the Japanese titles section as well as, on the next-gen console all the while working on the AI, which may prove to be revolutionary.

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