You Can Pick Up For Honor For Free On Steam, For Keeps, For The Next Week

A new promotional deal has become available on Steam, offering you to get the Starter Edition of For Honor for free on Steam. This comes after the game actually got some big E3 news, news that it was getting a new faction in its universe, a Chinese-inspired empire and new modes too.

For Honor came out a few years ago to pretty positive reviews, though it got criticism for unstable servers. Since then it’s gotten a large amount of new content and new mechanics, even a new training mode, and the upcoming new faction known as the Wu Lin, part of a DLC called Marching Fire, will be coming out on October 16.

Along with the new faction, which includes a variety of new character classes, a new mode will also be coming, called “Breach”, which focuses around the siege of a castle as one group tries to break in and the other group attempts to defend their castle.

Since then new content has continued to come out, such as an Arcade mode that was announced at Gamescom that will allow you to buff or debuff AI enemies during a fight.

If you download the current version of For Honor for free on Steam, you’ll be getting it for far cheaper than what it normally is, even if right now it’s currently at 75% off as well. Since Marching Fire is coming out soon, there’s hopefully soon going to be a lot of new people joining the game once again, especially with all of the different changes that Ubisoft has made.

You’ll only be able to get For Honor for free for a few more days, with the offer ending on August 27, and Marching Fire will be coming out on October 16, so if you haven’t bought the game yet, and are looking to get it on PC, you won’t have much time to get into practice with all the available heroes before the new stuff comes out.