Microsoft Is Keeping Satisfied Customers A Priority For Xbox Scarlett

Microsoft has revealed Xbox Scarlett, their next codenamed console to be released after Xbox One during this year’s E3. For now, we have no information as to what the new console will be like, however, Microsoft will still keep the satisfaction of customers a priority when it comes to its launch.

Speaking with Dualshockers during Gamescom, Xbox Games Marketing General Manager Aaron Greenberg revealed what important lesson Microsoft will keep in mind while moving from Xbox One to Xbox Scarlett. He stated:

“I think the biggest thing for any company is “never lose sight of the customer. Always put your fans first” If you think about them with every key decision you make, from every new product to every pricing decision, to every launch date, to just how you roll things out, if you put your customer first you’ll be all right.

I think that’s the most important thing you can never lose focus on. I’m really proud that this leadership team that’s in place is the team that has been leading the business kinda post-Xbox One launch, and if you’re seeing what the team has done there around backward compatibility, around innovation with hardware, around things like the Elite controller, all the innovation, and so much of that comes from listening to our fans. It feels like they’ve been a part of that journey with us.

We never want to lose that focus and I think that’s the most important thing as we think about this team and what guides us in the future.”

Undeniably, Microsoft has been releasing new features and services for the Xbox to please customers since the release of Xbox One. With Xbox Game Pass and the Backwards Compatibility services, the company ensures that two large parts of the fanbase (budget and old-school gamers) will be pleased with what their consoles offer, services that will most likely move on the Xbox Scarlett as well.

With Xbox Scarlett, Microsoft will push the console power to another level, introducing a streaming based device codenamed Scarlett Cloud as well as a new budget console to fill the gap between generations.

What other feature would you, as a fan, want to see introduced with Xbox Scarlett?