Good Old Games Launches FCKDRM Initiative To Educate People About DRM

The Good Old Games website has launched something that it calls the FCKDRM Initiative, which is intended to educate gamers and people in general about what DRM is used for. It’s also intended to teach people how they can use DRM-free sources of entertainment in order to prevent losing them.

DRM is short for Digital Rights Management, which is the same sort of copy protection that many pirates are attempting to crack constantly in order to try and be able to get high-profile games for free if they either don’t have the money or aren’t in a country where the game is available.

Good Old Games is known among gaming circles for not only having a wide variety of games both vintage and new available to buy, but also for all of its games being free of DRM, allowing you to play them as much as you want without fear of copy protection. This is part of the main reason for its FCKDRM Initiative.

Keeping games DRM free will allow you to back up and copy them, access them offline, keep your rights as a consumer, and be able to support digital preservation of games. That last one is particularly important as there are a large number of ROM-hosting websites that allow you to play various games on your computer browser without actually owning a copy. This can be handy especially when you want to play a game that either doesn’t exist anymore or is extremely hard to find.

DRM means that these sorts of emulators and ROMs can’t exist, which will eventually consign even good games to the pages of gaming history, along with the possibility of playing through a game for nostalgia. The FCKDRM Initiative can be reached by following this website, and while GOG doesn’t advocate piracy, DRM can still hurt just as much as it helps.