Get A Glimpse Of The Overdrive Mechanic In New Rage 2 Gameplay Video From Gamescom

During today’s Gamescom coverage, we had the opportunity to check out a new Rage 2 gameplay video, showcasing the game’s intense first-person shooting combat. While the gameplay itself isn’t something we haven’t already seen, we saw the Overdrive mechanic in action, a feature that was teased but not shown in action.

Thankfully, the Rage 2 gameplay video shown at Gamescom is not spilling any beans on its story. We already know a few bits of its storyline, however, knowing more than that in a title with such big first-person shooting impact could have spoiled the playtime for many fans. The protagonist is moving through a series of different battles during the video, killing enemies with different types of weapons and skills in an insane killing spree.

An interesting bit about the combat shown in the new Rage 2 gameplay video, is the skills used to fight enemies in close range. At some point, our character drops from the ground above to crush enemies below him and throw ninja star-like devices to push away opponents with a swing of his hand.

What we are more excited about though is the Overdrive mechanic. We have already discussed how it will be activated to provide the following bonuses: guns do more damage and gain new attributes,  health begins to regenerate and enemies drop better loot.

When you activate the Overdrive, your screen will flash with bright pink glitchy colors, granting you its effects for a limited amount of time. We can’t help to think how the colors used for the Overdrive and the Rage 2 UI, in general, would have fit a cyberpunk setting better but who are we to judge?

Rage 2 is being developed by Avalanche Studios and id Software and will be published by Bethesda in June 2019 for PC, Playstation 4 and Xbox One. Are you ready for some intense Rage 2 fighting?