Here’s Some Devil May Cry 5 Gameplay On The Xbox One X, Straight From Gamescom

As Devil May Cry 5 is finally getting more attention at Gamescom, we’ve also got some Xbox One X Devil May Cry 5 gameplay straight from the event, courtesy of IGN. The gameplay shows what appears to be a significant portion of a level, and it definitely looks like DMC is back.

The gameplay doesn’t really involve much story in it, from what we can see, as it mainly focuses on Nero as he makes his way through the city of Red Grave, which has been invaded by demons and is now crawling with them. We do get a boss fight at the end against a gigantic demon called Goliath, but mainly what we get to see is the game’s classic combat with guns and swords, augmented by Nero’s Devil Breaker arm which allows him to use a variety of other attacks against demons.

These moves include coiling demons to either pull them or yourself closer to you, an arm cannon that can launch a single powerful attack, and more, though you’ll have to be careful when using each variety because each one only has a certain amount of uses, which you have to collect throughout the levels.

From what we can see, everything in the game looks amazing, especially as the lighting changes across the level from night-lit streets into sun-kissed rooftops. There’s a wide variety of demons too, ranging from insect-like ones to scythe-wielding demons called Hell Caina. Each of these creatures has a variety of different attacks, so in battles with multiple types you’ll have to keep on your toes.

We also get to see a good bit of the trademark Devil May Cry snarkery, and it refreshingly doesn’t include gratuitous F-bombs, which it likely would have if the 2013 version of Dante were the protagonist of the game instead of Nero.

You can see the Devil May Cry 5 gameplay at the top of this article, and prepare yourself for when the game comes out on March 8 of 2019 for the Xbox One, Playstation 4, and PC.