PS4 Firmware Update 6.0 Beta Brings Welcome Change To PS Store Search UI

Sony Interactive Entertainment has been bringing steady firmware updates to PlayStation 4 and with PS4 firmware update 6.0, Sony is bringing a welcome change to the PS Store search UI that users have been asking for quite some time.

Those who participated in the PS4 firmware update 6.0 Beta 3 are reporting that Sony has changed the PS Store search UI for the PlayStation 4 which is easier and faster for the users compared to the current one.

As you can see in the images below, Sony Interactive Entertainment has changed the PS Store Search UI which is better than the original one.

The original requires users to search by selecting a combination of alphabets from the list in the PS Store while with the new one this can be done with the keyboard.

However, this change in the PS Store Search UI isn’t available publically and can only be accessed with PS4 Firmware Update 6.0 beta. We will have to wait a bit for Sony to release the firmware update publically.

Speaking of the PS4 firmware, while Sony has been very protective of its console from pirates and hence the release of new firmware updates but PS4 Firmware 5.05 has been cracked for the PlayStation 4.

This PS4 Firmware 5.05 crack requires users to modify the DNS to use the browser in order to load Henkaku.

However, every time the user turns off the console will have to load the Henkaku again as turning the console off will remove all modifications.

Furthermore, this PS4 Firmware 5.05 crack is not limited to specific PS4 models and can be used on the base PS4, PS4 slim and even PS4 Pro but, the last one has to have the original CD-ROM drive.

What do you think of the updates PS Store Search UI with PS4 Firmware Update 6.0? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Source: ResetEra