Want To Pre-order Nvidia RTX Graphics Cards But Can’t? Get One Here

Nvidia RTX graphics cards have been announced and the pre-orders went live a few hours ago. Chances are that you are unable to find one because they are all sold out but rest assured there is still hope and here we are going to point you in the right direction.

Pre-order Nvidia RTX Graphics Cards

The following are pre-orders that you can reserve right now. You can get separate graphics cards, bundles or pre-built systems. Bundles include CPUs, SSDs and motherboard combinations along with the Nvidia RTX graphics cards.

Nvidia RTX Graphics Cards Bundles

The following are the bundles that you can get with the Nvidia RTX graphics cards:

If you are are not interested in getting bundles and just want the graphics card then the following are the GPUs that you can pre-order:

RTX Graphics Cards From Gigabyte

RTX Graphics Cards From EVGA

RTX Graphics Cards From Zotac

RTX Graphics Cards From Asus

Pre-build PCs With Nvidia RTX Graphics Cards

If you are not looking to get separate Nvidia RTX graphics cards or bundles then you might want to get a pre-built system and save yourself the hassle. The following are all the pre-built deals that come with the Nvidia RTX graphics cards.

Nvidia has already listed 21 games that will support this tech and there will be more games further down the line. If the RTX 2080 is too much for you then you can check out the RTX 2070 that comes at a lower price and is able to provide the same level of performance as the Titan Xp. For more information regarding Nvidia RTX graphics cards, stay tuned.

Let us know what you think about the Nvidia RTX graphics cards and whether or not you are interested in getting one.