Monster Hunter: World Event Quests Guide – Rewards, How To Complete

Monster Hunter has a weekly schedule of quests that essentially guides you through various different types of hunts. This keeps the game fresh and interesting but also very complicated. This Monster Hunter: World Event Quests Guide will tell you about all of the quests that you can attempt in the game.

Our Monster Hunter: World Event Quests Guide is a tool that will be useful for players that are looking for special rewards but cannot seem to find them. You can easily figure out which quest you need to do next to advance your progress.

Monster Hunter: World Event Quests

Remember to stay up-to-date with the schedule because if you miss a quest, you will have to wait multiple weeks for it to be a part of the rotation once again.

You can, however, do the quests when a festival comes around in which all of the previous quests are open to all players.

Some of the content is not available in the PC version as of yet, but the developers are working on it and have promised to bring the PC version of the game up to date as soon as they can.

Event Quests

These are the standard quests which do not have anything extraordinary to them. You can attempt them to get their rewards.

Quest Difficulty Objective Zenny Rewards
Up at the Crack of Dawn 1★ Slay 12 Kestodon 1,080 N/A
Chew the Fat 2★ Hunt 2 Great Jagras 3,240 N/A
Ya-Ku With That? 4★ Hunt Kulu-Ya-Ku + Tsitsi-Ya-Ku 4,320 N/A
Greeting the Gluttons 4★ Hunt Great Jagras + Pukei-Pukei + Paolumu 7,920 N/A
Every Hunter’s Dream 5★ Hunt Paolumu + Rathalos 7,200 Bluepring for Wyvern Ignition Great Sword
Flesh Cleaved to Bone 5★ Hunt Radobaan + Odogaron 7,920 N/A
The Poison Posse 5★ Hunt Pukei-Pukei + Rathian + Rathalos 8,280 N/A
Wicked Wildspire Warfare 5★ Hunt Diablos + 2 Barroth 9,360 Armor Sphere drop rate increases
Kirin the Myth 5★ Slay 2 Kirin 14,400 N/A
Wiggle Me This 6★ Deliver 10 Wigglers 3,600 Get the Wiggler Ticket
Scrapping with the Shamos 6★ Slay 13 Shamos 5,400 Can make Sealed Eyepatch using Black Bandage
Egg Lovers United 6★ Hunt Kulu-Ya-Ku (Giant Gold Crown) 7,200 Get the Kulu-Ya-Ku Ticket
Midnight Mayhem 6★ Slay 10 Gastodon 8,100 Get the First Fleet Ticket. It is used to make Shooting Star Lance
Triple Threat Throwdown 6★ Hunt Great Jagras + Great Girros + Dodogama 14,040 Increased drop rate for decorations
Gaze Upon the Dawn 6★ Guide Zorah Magdaros 15,120 N/A
A Flash in the Pan 6★ Hunt 3 Tzitzi-Ya-Ku 16,200 Get the Black Crystal Ticket, it can be used to make Shadow Shades
This Is How Revolts Start 7★ Hunt Diablos + Black Diablos 21,600 N/A
Wildspire Bolero 7★ Hunt Kulu-Ya-Ku + Barroth + Diablos + Jyuratodus + Rathian 30,240 Greater chance of Silver and Gold Crown Monsters.
Coral Waltz 7★ Hunt Tzitzi-Ya-Ku + Paolumu + Pink Rathian + Legiana 26,640 Greater chance of Silver and Gold Crown Monsters.
Rock N’ Roll Recess 7★ Hunt Dodogama + Lavasioth + Uragaan + Azure Rathalos 35,280 Greater chance of Silver and Gold Crown Monsters.
A Simple Task 9★ Deliver 10 Gourmet Shroomcap 3,600 N/A
Tracking the Delivery 9★ Deliver 10 Blue Beryl 5,400 N/A
No Tomorrow for Usurpers 9★ Hunt Tempered Bazelgeuse 18,000 2x Hunter Rank
A Nose for an Eye 9★ Hunt Tempered Anjanath + Tempered Azure Rathalos 23,400 2x Hunter Rank
Keeper of the Otherworld 9★ Slay Xeno’jiiva 23,760 N/A
Snow & Cherry Blossoms 9★ Hunt Tempered Pink Rathian + Tempered Legiana 25,200 2x Hunter Rank
The Thronetaker 9★ Slay Tempered Nergigante + Tempered Teostra + Tempered Lunastra 37,800 Augment Streamstones drop at a higher rate
A Whisper of White Mane 9★ Slay Arch-Tempered Kirin 36,000 Get Kirin Ticket
The Deathly Quiet Curtain 9★ Slay Arch-Tempered Vaal Hazak 36,000 Vaal Hazak Ticket
The Scorn of the Sun 9★ Slay Arch-Tempered Teostra 36,000 Teostra Ticket

Arena Challenge Quests

These quests are found in Gathering Hall’s Arena Lass.

Quest Difficulty Objective Zenny Rewards
Vespoid Infestation! 2★ Slay 30 Vespoid 2,160 Spring Insect Field Guide
Down the Dark, Muddy Path 3★ Slay Barroth (Giant Gold Crown) 1,080 SFV Ticket
Gajalaka Outbreak! 6★ Defeat 10 Gajalaka 4,320 Summer Insect Field Guide
Empress in Full Bloom I, II, and III 7★ Slay Pink Rathian 4,320 SFV Ticket II
The Awakened Satsui No Hado I, II, and III 8★ Slay Nergigante 4,320 SFV Ticket III

Collaboration Event Quests

These quests give you various different rewards that make you look like the original IP’s characters. You can get stuff which resembles Megaman and content from Universal Studios Japan (join a Japanese lobby which has the quest running).

Quest Difficulty Objective Zenny Rewards
USJ: Gold Star Treatment (Japan Only) 3★ N/A 3,960 Azure Star Shard (Azure Star Blade)
Lessons of the Wild (PS4 Only) 5★ Slay 8 Barnos 2,520 Watcher Lens
The Proving (PS4 Only) 6★ Hunt Anjanath (Giant Gold Crown) 9,000 Nora Brave Trophy
USJ Blazing Azure Stars! (Japan Only) 7★ Hunt Dodogama + Azure Rathalos 18,000 Azure Stargem
A Rush of Blood 7★ Hunt 2 Odogaron (Small and Giant Gold Crowns) 21,600 Mega Man Ticket
Code: Red 8★ Slay Anjanath + Odogaron + Rathalos + Teostra 36,000 Red Orb

That is all we have for our Monster Hunter: World Event Quests Guide. Let us know if we missed something using the comments section below!