Veteran Developer Cliff Bleszinski Is Witting A Book To Address Challenges In The Industry

Cliff Bleszinski is a name that is quite popular in the gaming industry. While most of the audience has a positive opinion about this Veteran of the gaming industry, there also are a few who are not much of a fan. However, it seems like this Veteran Developer Cliff Bleszinski is writing a book based on his experience in the gaming industry.

The Veteran Developer Cliff Bleszinski recently posted a teaser in a form of an image which shows the section about the ground realities and challenges faced in the gaming industry. The section he shared specifically focused on the rise and fall of Boss Key.

Now considering that he does have a lot of experience regarding this aspect since he has worked with Epic Games and then at his own studio, which he co-founded, Boss Key. It does seem to reason that perhaps he may also be sharing some controversial details as well, which might stir some

Not sure will that book gain the audience that it aims for or not but it does seem an interesting thing. Perhaps we will get some more insight into what actually goes on, in these various development companies.

Having said that other sections of this book will cover other things like the death of Bleszinski’s father and nephew, as well as why and how his first marriage fell apart and when he met his the second wife.

Whats interesting is that this Veteran Developer Cliff Bleszinski added that writing about Boss Key part, was harder than any of those parts.

In the passage uploaded, Bleszinski spoke freely about the time spent at Epic Games. He shared positive comments about CEO Tim Sweeney as well as for the company. Haven’t read the whole book but this same guy back in 2015 when he left the gaming industry, said that him getting jaded in this industry was the reason for leaving.

To be honest, this Veteran Developer Cliff Bleszinski, always had a bit of a muddled personality. Like when was invited to work on Silent Hill he declined to which he added that he would have ruined it.

So apparently what this book will do is perhaps create more challenges than addressing some. At least that what seems to be the case. Seems pretty obvious that after running from the gaming industry he is not taking a shot at the same industry that brought him to this level.

Anyways, until we see the complete book we can’t be certain about anything.