CD Projekt RED Mobile Studio Acquisition Might Open The Door To Mobile Witcher Games

A CD Projekt RED mobile studio being acquired by the studio might apparently be opening the door to other mobile Witcher games or other CD Projekt RED games in general, and the acquisition likely also means big things for the studio after years of only being known for one game.

Ever since its inception, CD Projekt RED has been either a PC or console studio, mainly developing the Witcher games which were wildly popular. Its upcoming game Cyberpunk 2077 is also being hotly anticipated, especially since there hasn’t been any real news on it in years.

The CD Projekt RED mobile studio, known as Spokko, could also help with the company porting their Gwent card game to mobile games, allowing the wildly popular card game to be able to reach out to more people after formerly being limited to consoles and PCs. Since various other card games like Yu Gi Oh, Hearthstone, and Magic the Gathering have also been meeting a lot of success on mobile devices (both games have also been ported to the PC), there’s no reason why Gwent shouldn’t be able to do the same thing.

There’s also the possibility that the first Witcher game will also end up being ported to mobile devices, in a similar manner to how BioWare’s first Knights of the Old Republic game was ported over to it. Since both games play roughly the same way (mainly rapid clicking during combat and click and drag ways to equip weapons), it shouldn’t be too hard for the game to be ported.

It’s still rather too early to be saying exactly what the CD Projekt RED mobile studio acquisition is going to end up doing, but hopefully CD Projekt RED will be able to use Spokko in a proper way and be able to spread The Witcher, Gwent, and other games in the future out to more fans.