DICE Is Not Developing Battlefield V Battle Royale Mode

Hot among hottest is the one and only Battlefield V and with only almost one month away from its release, various details tend to add more to the hype. However, this new detail might add more to the excitement but in a very different way, than you expect it to be. It turns out that the main developers, as you may know, DICE behind the development of this game are not the ones developing Battlefield V Battle Royale Mode.

Just recently Stars Wars Battlefront Global Community Manager Ben Walker took to his Reddit account on which he goes by the name, “F8RGE” and said,

Royale is being made by a different studio, not DICE.

Very recently EA DICE revealed the Gamescom 2018 trailer of Battlefield V Battle Royale Mode and turns out there was a reason for it, other than the Gamescom marketing. Apparently, they were planning to reveal that this battle royale mode is not been developed by DICE, rather some unknown studio.

So little is known about the studio, which is developing one of the most important genres that can actually determine the fate of the Battlefield V.

Very recently EA also gave a sneak peek at Battlefield V Battle Royale Mode and although we did not get to see much, those few glimpses did stir a lot of hype. One thing that got noticed was that player may not be able to play the circle, like they won’t be camping their way into the safe zone.

Now the topic of concern is that very recently, we got to see the pre-order stats and turns out Battlefield V did not seem to do good, in comparison to Black Ops 4 and Red Dead Redemption. Most of the audience is intent on believing that maybe EA asking fans to not buy this game, apparently backfired.

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