A Youtuber Built A “Vodka-Cooled PC” And It Works Better Than Actual Coolant

PC enthusiasts love to push the performance of their systems by the means of overclocking them and using liquid cooling as a means to keep its temperatures under control. However, there are coolants in the market for this specific purpose but one Youtuber built a Vodka-Cooled PC and it works surprisingly well.

The Youtuber in question is “Life of Boris” who built the Vodka-Cooled PC. While this is out of the ordinary but the Vodka-Cooled PC works surprisingly well and Vodka as the coolant also works a little better compared to the actual coolant solutions for PCs in the market.

As you can see in the video below the YouTuber also tested the Vodka-Cooled PC by playing games on the system. Turns out the CPU temperatures were mostly in the 40s while it barely reached 50-degree centigrade.

I am personally surprised by the fact that how well this Vodka-Cooled PC works. Also, I am not sure if using alcohol to cool your PC is a safe thing to do.

This also makes us wonder why the manufacturers of coolant solutions didn’t think of that earlier.

Speaking of the PC hardware, Intel is also looking for a better way to cool its high-end CPUs and for that purpose, Intel will be soldering the heatspreader for its 9th-gen Coffee Lake refreshes.

The soldered heat spreader will allow for Intel Coffee Lake refreshes to better manage the temperatures at higher clock speeds which means that the upcoming CPUs will feature higher clock speeds with better cooling.

Speaking of Intel, ARM has openly challenged Intel to take the mobile CPU market.

ARM has revealed its CPU roadmap that will be directly competing with Intel Core i5-U series CPUs starting with ARM Cortex-A76 which promises 35% performance increase compared to previous-gen mobile CPUs.

For 2019, the ARM CPU we will be seeing launched is “Deimos” core while 2020 will see the launch of “Hercules” core.

Also, Nvidia will be announcing the Nvidia RTX 2080 Ti and the RTX 2080 at its pre-Gamescom 2018 event. However, before that happens, leaks and rumors have already flooded the internet.

One leak that is making rounds on the internet is the codenames for the RTX 2080 Ti And RTX 2080 along with the possible die shrunk versions of these GPUs coming next year.

Not only that, PNY listed these GPUs on its official website a couple of days ago confirming specs and pre-order pricing of these GPUs.

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