Nvidia RTX Graphics Cards Are “Going To Be A Real Game-Changer” According To CEO

Nvidia RTX graphics cards are around the corner and it seems that the CEO of the company is as excited about the upcoming graphics cards as we are. He talked about the upcoming graphics cards as well as the ones that have already been released and said that the Nvidia RTX graphics cards will be a real game-changer. The following is what he had to say in this regard:

The rest of our product launches and the ramp-up of Turing is going really well. And so, I think the rest of the announcements we haven’t made, but stay tuned. The RTX family is going to be a real game-changer for us. And the reinvention of computer graphics altogether has been embraced by so many developers.

Nvidia RTX graphics cards are going to support Ray Tracing and this is something that is going to change how games look. The Pascals series of graphics cards will not support this feature, so if you want to check it out then you will need to update to the upcoming series of graphics cards. Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang touched on the matter and the following is what he had to say in this regard:

I think the answer to your question is, developers all have access to RTX. It’s in Microsoft’s DirectX; it’s in the most popular game engine in the world; and you’re going to start to see developers use it. We’re going to see some really exciting stuff this year.

The reference design has been pictured and we are already getting images of some of the custom design Nvidia RTX graphics cards. For more news regarding the matter stay tuned. It will be interesting to see what kind of performance the upcoming GPU will have to offer as compared tot he current ones.

Let us know what you think about the Nvidia RTX graphics cards and whether or not you are interested in getting one of these graphics cards when they come out.