Leaked Casting Scripts for The Witcher TV Series Contain No Spoilers, Assures Netflix

The upcoming Witcher television series, an ambitious adaptation by Netflix of the popular novels and games, is currently busy in hosting casting calls. While fans were hoping to know about who will be playing the lead characters, they have instead been handed leaked scripts from the aforementioned recent auditions.

Before heading any further, understand that scripts written for a casting call are not necessarily going to be part of the actual show. These are called “Sides” in the acting industry and are just penned to judge potential actors in specific roles on a stage. The dialogues, setting, and pretty much everything are unlikely to be featured in the same manner in any released episode down the line.

Hence, they are harmless and contain no spoilers. If you want more assurance, showrunner Lauren S. Hissrich pointed out the same thing on Twitter last week. Anyone interested can look them up for a read without any worries.

The casting scripts in question were posted on Reddit last month and feature two different scenes. The first focuses on Geralt, the Witcher and main protagonist, and Yennefer, a sorceress and his love interest, getting ready for a ball. The second sees Yennefer again but arguing with an unnamed king.

The excerpts for both scenes are reminiscent of the source materials. For example, the ball in the first scene is probably the one that Geralt attended in Novigrad in disguise in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. The only difference is that he attended it with Triss Merigold, another sorceress and love interest, not Yennefer.

The casting scripts also mention a few other characters from the main storyline. There is Sabrina Glevissig, a sorceress known to wear proactive outfits and who Yennefer considers to be a rival of sorts, and Vilgefortz, a talented mage that has actually bested Yennefer in sorcery on occasions.

Overall, though, the leaked casting scripts do not tell all that much about the Witcher television series. The dialogues do, however, capture the right tone and certainly appear to do justice to the source materials.

In all the excitement, fans just want to know just who will be playing Geralt, Yennefer, and Triss as soon as possible. Interestingly, Henry Cavill, Superman himself, said earlier this month that he would love to play the white wolf. Could he be actually trying out for Geralt?

There is still plenty of time before the Witcher series airs its first episode, with Netflix setting a tentative 2020 date for the show.