Supermassive Games Trademarks New Political Thriller

The developers for the PlayStation 4 video game Until Dawn, Supermassive Games, have included a new trademarked logo to their collection. A new logo has surfaced on the internet which shows the words “Shattered State” and it has been trademarked by Supermassive Games.

A ResetEra user implies that “Shattered State” could turn out to be the next big project by the British game development company.

The video game is being reported as a political thriller by Supermassive Games. The design and logo coincide with this idea. Supermassive Games have established in the past that Until Dawn 2 would clearly not be their next project.

The studio has not even had plans for any PS4 patch of Until Dawn.

Reddit users have also been actively chatting the trademark news over the internet. The trademark filing by the company indeed includes the graphic logo of “Shattered State.

Supermassive Games have had such anticipation last time when Until Dawn came out. Until Dawn saw the success that was meant for it. The horror adventure game was launched in 2015.

Shattered State would surely look up to Until Dawn to be mindful of any bumps along the way of the game development. Along with the achievements in Until Dawn, the development studio has since then explored the VR gaming platform. The Inpatient was their last VR game and a prequel to Until Dawn.

The latest VR game to be released by Supermassive Games is going to be Bravo Team perhaps. Although there are some people think that Bravo Team is actually a step backward in the VR gaming genre.