The PS4 Spider Man Universe Will Be Included In Marvel Comic Book Canon

If you’re familiar with the huge number of different parallel universes in the Marvel Comics multiverse, then you might have some cause for celebration in regards to the PS4 Spider Man universe. That universe will be included in the Marvel comic canon, making it part of the many Spider-Man universes.

Much like many other Marvel superheroes, there are multiple Spider-Man in multiple different universes across a whole multiverse. This was even the focus of a Spider-Man comic series, which included a wide variety of Spider-Men from other universes, including a cowboy Spider-Man (who has a horse who can also sling web and also wears a mask), a Spider-Man Speed Buggy, Spider-Ham (a spider who was bitten by a radioactive pig (yes you read that right)), and even the memetic 1960’s cartoon version of Spider-Man.

It’s likely that the PS4 Spider Man universe won’t have anything too outlandish in it, but it being made a part of the Marvel comic book canon means that Insomniac Spider-Man might eventually end up joining another crossover episode, if a second one is ever made.

Insomniac has already stated that the game will be getting some single-player DLC, so we might get some sort of Marvel-approved crossover bit of DLC that could team Insomniac’s own Peter Parker with a Peter Parker from another universe, whether it’s a normal Spider-Man or some other outlandish version, but we’ll have to wait and see until the DLC actually comes out.

The Playstation 4 Spider Man game will still be including a large number of classic Spider-Man characters like Mr. Negative, Kingpin, the Rhino, and many more, but even though it’s had a number of different E3 appearances we still don’t know all of the different villains that are going to be appearing in the game.

You can look forward to entering the PS4 Spider Man universe when Spider-Man comes out on September 7 exclusively for the Playstation 4.