Keep Talking And Nobody Explodes Xbox Port Forces You To Keep Calm And Keep Talking

The Xbox One is going to be getting a new game soon, a new highly intense game that might be more complicated than people normally believe. A Keep Talking And Nobody Explodes Xbox port has just been released to the console for you and a friend to sweat over.

Keep Talking And Nobody Explodes is basically its title. You and a friend, working together, have to defuse a number of different bombs, each of which has a number of different segments that requires you to know what to do. You do this by printing out a bomb defuser’s manual (handily found at, and then walking your friend through each bomb.

Here, however, is where the most of the gameplay comes in. Both the person defusing the bomb and the person talking them through it have to be descriptive and accurate, know Morse code, have a variety of symbols, and more. One wrong move can do anything from prematurely trigger the bomb to speed up the clock, leaving you with an exploding bomb and a lot of sweat.

The game originally came out on the PC, but soon spread out to other consoles like PS4, Android, and Linux, and only just now on the Nintendo Switch and Xbox One. But it’s sure to be a fun party game, especially considering all of the different puzzles that can be put into each bomb module, which can be things like pushing buttons at the correct time, figuring out Morse code, deciphering symbols, and more.

With all of the variety, hopefully the Keep Talking And Nobody Explodes Xbox port will end up being pretty successful, especially for a party game or a good team building exercise. But if you and a friend just want some good old-fashioned chaos and frustration, you can buy it on any of its platforms now.