Football Player Asks FIFA 19 To Update His Model, PES 2019 Boasts About Doing So

What is life without a little competition? Apparently in the life of sports, even if its digital ones, it’s essential. Konami boasts that its player models will be updated and more realistic than ever in PES 2019, something that FIFA 19 isn’t doing yet, even now that they are two steps ahead from its competitor.

As reported by Gearnuke, a funny occurrence took place on Twitter involving the official account of PES 2019 and a football player. Jesse Lingard asked the developing team of FIFA 19 to put some extra effort on his model this year since he has the same haircut for a few years now in the game.

After that, Wilfried Zaha asked the same for his own model, to which the official account of PES 2019 replied, giving him a taste of what he’ll look like in the game saying that his model will be “lit”.

Noone can deny that Zaha’s model in PES 2019 is indeed looking incredible. Even if the franchise is losing ground to FIFA 19 since Konami lost the collaboration with UEFA and Champions League, the graphical fidelity of their titles is still top notch.

PES 2019 is developed on the Fox engine, previously used for Metal Gear Solid V. That doesn’t only mean that the upcoming sports game will look graphically stunning¬†but also it will be optimized for PC on low-end hardware like we’ve seen with Kojima’s game before it.

Konami’s PES 2019 releases on August 28th for PC, Xbox One and PC while FIFA 19 is set to launch on September 25th by EA Sports. That gives PES a whole month of proving its worth against its direct competitor.

Now that Konami doesn’t own the rights to the UEFA championship, PES 2019 must have smoother gameplay and better graphics to be able to compete with FIFA 19’s extensive set of modes like Ultimate Team. Do you think they can handle it?