Total War Three Kingdoms Day And Night Cycle Will Determine Battle Time

A Total War Three Kingdoms day and night cycle will determine what time that you fight a battle at, according to a new gameplay video that was part of the game’s Gamescom presentation. This is in contrast to previous Total War games, which only allowed night battles as a specific pre-battle decision.

However, this time, Three Kingdoms will have a day and night cycle on the game’s strategic map that will pass as you wait your turn, meaning that several in-game days can pass during a turn if you want to do a lot of stuff across a turn. If you go into a battle during your turn, depending on what time it is, will also dictate the time of the battle.

In the ambush battle shown off at Gamescom, the battle began when night was on the campaign map, and so the ambush battle was also at night. Similar situations will happen in the rest of the game as well, so you could have battles taking place in the morning, at high noon, at dusk, or in the middle of the night. Weather conditions will also have a similar effect, all thanks to the Total War Three Kingdoms day and night cycle.

This will also extend to things like actual battle maps. In a similar manner to how quest battles in Total War Warhammer would take place on certain maps, it’s likely that major battles in the Romanticized version of the game will also be taking place on specific maps, such as the famous Battle of Red Cliff.

In previous Total War games, night battles were only accessible through a pre-battle option that you click on. Weather conditions were also not seen on the map beforehand, so you’d have to wait at the start of battle for weather conditions that you found favorable.

While there won’t be special ambush battles for games like Total War Warhammer’s Underway and Beast Path battles, the Total War Three Kingdoms day and night cycle that will be coming with the game will be a good bit of detail that no Total War game has ever had before. Total War Three Kingdoms will be coming out early 2019 exclusively on the PC.