Starcraft 2 And Overwatch On Switch Get Different Reactions From Blizzard

Getting a variety of different games on a variety of different consoles is the dream of any big-name developer, and Blizzard Entertainment is no exception. However, even Blizzard will have to make choices when it comes to a choice between Starcraft 2 and Overwatch on Switch, and in this case Overwatch won out.

Pete Stilman of Blizzard has said that anything is in the realm of possibility when it comes to putting a game on the Nintendo Switch, but even the Switch and Blizzard have their limits, even with Starcraft 2 and Overwatc on Switch. While Overwatch will likely be getting a Nintendo Switch port at sometime in the future (especially after Blizzard has already confirmed a Diablo 3 Switch port), Starcraft 2 likely won’t.

It’s a very rare thing that an RTS game will be able to be ported to a console, especially when most of those console real-time strategy games often don’t turn out very well. While the first Starcraft was ported over to the Nintendo 64, that port required the game to be significantly reworked in order to make the game be able to work on the console. Unless Blizzard was willing to change Starcraft 2 enough to get it to work on the Nintendo Switch, it’ll likely remain PC exclusive.

Stillman has said that even with the possibility of Starcraft 2 and Overwatch on Switch, that Diablo 3 is currently their main focus. It’s a big game with a lot of things that could go wrong, and while the other versions of the game for the Xbox One and Playstation 4 have launched smoothly, something could happen with the Switch.

But either way, players will not only be getting the Reaper of Souls and Necromancer DLC for the game, they’ll also be getting a number of little Nintendo touches, such as the ability to transmogrify their gear to look like Ganondorf, special wings based on Majora’s Mask, a profile frame, and a cucco. The game will be coming to the Switch later this fall.