Hitman 2 Immersion Trailer Sheds Light On The Revolutionary AI

Hitman fans are all but ready to get their hands on the upcoming Hitman 2 game, however not much info has been rolled out regarding this game in the works. Although, now Hitman 2 Immersion Trailer has surfaced and it specifically, talks about the game’s AI and how it makes the environment as realistic as ever.

In the trailer, the AI used has been deemed as revolutionary as it has enabled the characters in the game, to act as much authentic and close to reality than ever before. There is so much versatility in the characters that you won’t find any similarity but rather, will find them unique.

Then in the trailer, the versatility in these characters works on the principal of Domino Effect, which can have vast repercussions for the characters in the game. Apart from that, the environment is very detailed and interactive, designed in such a  way that it introduces more styles to play, more hidden secrets to discover.

Last but not the least, blend in like a pro, with so many ways for the players to blend their character into various characters as different workers. The Hitman 2 Immersion Trailer has that there is a lot of subtlety and secrecy in the game, for the players to discover and use the features to their advantage.

With all that said,  Hitman 2 got announced back in June and is scheduled to roll out on November 12 across PC, Xbox One, and PS4.