Fortnite Hack Threatens Personal Data, Log-Ins Being Sold On Dark Web

Parents of children are being cautioned as a Fortnite hack has resulted in personal information being leaked. A child’s personal information was discovered lying on the dark web following a Fortnite hack threat looming large. For £2.05 each, Log-ins and passwords of gamers are being sold through a Fortnite hack.

Online criminals are on a roll pirating credentials of Fortnite users even sensitive details like bank account information. The news was broken as a VPN company named exposed the con market of Fortnite being run on the dark web. The Head of Research at, Simon Migliano stated:

“As one of the biggest games in the world, Fortnite has attracted fraudsters looking to exploit its huge user base. The temptation for criminals is both the breadth of Fortnite’s users – many of whom are children or teenagers – but also the way the game makes its money. In ‘traditional’ games, players would pay a one-off fee to access the content. But Fortnite is free to access before quickly inviting users to buy cosmetic items and passes that can earn rewards.”

Parents have since been strongly advised to supervise the Fortnite account of their children. Migliano further added:

“By hacking an account, criminals can both rack up significant charges on in-app purchases. The big concern is while the age-rating for Fortnite is 12, a large chunk of its users are young. They, therefore, might not always be aware that high-ranking accounts are a draw to criminals. This is also a worry for parents who might have handed over payment information to their children without realizing that their login details – and therefore their bank account details – are up for sale on the dark web.”

The threat posed by the Fortnite hack raises serious concerns as previously such threats have also been faced earlier by the users of the Battle Royale game. Fortnite faced an Android APK leak a few days back also. In the past, even a tournament winner has been accused of such crimes.

Source: TheSun