Black Ops 4 Beta Feedback Won’t Go to Waste, Big Changes Planned

Black Ops 4 multiplayer Beta has come and gone. Last Monday we got to play our final match in the game and everyone had some mixed reviews about the game but what is worth appreciating is that Treyarch is always listening and they are going to do what the fans want.

Treyarch handled the Beta very well and implemented changes to the game during each Beta weekends. Now taking it further, Treyarch has officially revealed the changes they are going to make when the final game arrives in October.

These changes include Fog Of War which is getting nerfed and you will need Team Link perk to locate enemies behind you. Another good change is being made to the Tac Deploy equipment. Every time you die, the kill-cam will notify you if the enemy is still in the surrounding or not.

The most annoying Body Armour is now weaker and will take more damage from explosives. Also, those who kill someone with Body Armour will be awarded with 25 extra points to be added to your scorestreaks feed.

Last but not the least, you will now have an option to choose to navigate with D-pad or a cursor and enemy loadout will be visible to you in kill-cams.

Black Ops 4 was fun to some but most influencers were not very happy with the game due to the increased health in the game and equipment such as body armour, which made it a totally different Call Of Duty game than we are used to.

After some teasing on Twitter by Treyarch, it’s been officially revealed that Blackout Beta of the game will arrive on September 10 and we can choose to play it Solo, Duo or with Squad.

Treyarch is indeed doing a great job by listening to the community and if it keeps on doing further changes, the whole thing can turn around and Black Ops 4 can be our most favourite Call Of Duty game ever.