Battlefield V Battle Royale Mode Won’t Let You Play the Circle

EA showed the first look of Battlefield V Battle Royale mode. We saw glimpses of things to come and one very interesting thing we noticed leads us to believe that players may not be able to play the circle. Playing the circle means sticking to the edge of the danger zone and camping your way into the safe zone.

It is a tactic used by many Fortnite and PUBG players, however, it seems it won’t be too effective in Battlefield V Battle Royale mode. Instead of using gas or a killer cloud, EA DICE is using a Ring of Fire. Those who played Battlefield games would know that it doesn’t take long to be dead after being engulfed in flames. This means that those stuck outside the play zone for more than a few seconds will most likely end up dead.

It would be interesting to see how campers handle this and it seems EA DICE wants to make sure Battle Royale offers a level playing field. More details about Battlefield V Battle Royale mode are yet to arrive. But as we head closer to the game’s release expect a proper beta for this new mode.

Battlefield V is releasing on October 19 for PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

The Battle Royale mode is expected to be set in Rotterdam and according to EA DICE, there will be two versions of the map – one before the bombing and one after it. The trailer raised expectations for sure and many wonder why this video wasn’t the reveal trailer for Battlefield V? The reveal trailer saw widespread negative feedback and it is partly the reason why pre-order numbers are so low.

According to an analyst, Black Ops 4 and Red Dead Redemption 2 could dent Battlefield’s install base this year. As a result, sales could be slower.