New Avalanche Studios Dev Diary Talks About The New Just Cause 4 Engine

One of the biggest draws to Avalanche Studio’s upcoming Just Cause game was the addition of dynamic weather like tornadoes, which you could use to sow even more chaos. Now, a new Avalanche Studios dev diary has shown a lot of what the new Just Cause 4 engine is capable of.

Just Cause has always made its money and spectacle on being able to blow up pretty much everything in sight, often to spectacular effect. With a huge variety of cool gadgets, ways to blow stuff up, and the huge amount of potential that the player can use their grappling hook for.

And now, with the added weather to Just Cause 4, and whatever other cool weapons that they give us in that game, there’s no telling what new bits of chaos that we’ll be able to cause. With what we see in the Just Cause 4 engine video, we might not even have to use our gadgets a lot of the time, especially considering what we get to see of weather in the trailer.

Weather can rip apart buildings and structures of all kinds, ranging from buildings to bridges and more, not to mention what it can do to any vehicles that get caught in its path. That will likely result in even more explosions, and even more chaos, and according to the video every single bit of it will look amazing because of the Just Cause 4 engine’s increased visuals.

Not only will the environments in whatever dictatorship you’re visiting look amazing, but the game will also have even better-looking explosions, something that no Just Cause game would be quite complete without.

But however it looks, the new Just Cause 4 engine will likely open the way to a huge amount of new opportunities when it comes out for the Xbox One, Playstation 4, and PC on December 4. You can see the dev diary for yourself further up the article.