PUBG Mobile To Get Competitive With ‘Player Well Known’ Tournament

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds known as PUBG is the first game to come in your mind when talking about battle royale genre. It’s been available on mobile devices for some time but been missing the scene of competitiveness but it’s finally going to change so get ready.

Tencent Games and PUBG Corp has officially announced with a teaser trailer that they are bringing PUBG mobile into eSports with an invitational tournament. The tournament will include some top players from North America who will be against each other to get that chicken dinner and refer to themselves officially as the best player.

These matches will be streamed live through their official Youtube, Facebook and Twitch channels starting from August 17 to 18 at 8 PM PDT. That’s when you will able to witness your favourite PUBG player or content creator show off their skills to the world.

Fans can also vote for their squad leader and earn 1,000 BP. If the influencer you voted for wins, you will be getting two superior crates absolutely free. Influencers include Choco Taco, Melonie Mac, King Vader, ChadWithAJ, and more so vote now.

PUBG mobile is now available for all devices but if you are on an older or low budget device you might face regular problems such as low graphics and lag. But it won’t be the case anymore as Tencent has now officially released PUBG Lite which will run easily on a low budget or older devices.

PUBG mobile’s success is definitely the reason for all this attention as it recently marked 10 million daily users online in the game which is a huge achievement for Tencent Mobile.

What are you going to vote for? Do you have enough followers to participate in the tournament? Let us know in the comments below.