New Xbox One Elite Controller Codename Washburn Releasing In October?

Microsoft seems to be levelling up their game for Xbox One controllers as their latest Elite controller is in works and probably will launch sooner than everyone expected. Xbox One Elite Controller made its debut in 2015, despite being pricey it was really a huge success and since then people have been hearing rumours that it will launch soon.

As revealed by Tom Warren, an editor at The Verge, announced through Twitter that the second Xbox One Elite Controller code-named Washburn is going to arrive sometime in October and is going to be available for $149.

This new Xbox One Elite Controller is going to have USB-C port to support fast and easy charge with the built-in rechargeable battery and a brand new magnetic connection system as seen in MacBook Pro. The triggers are more sensitive and will travel more to give you more control and will have Bluetooth facility to be used with Windows 10.

There’s no confirmation about the relase date so take it with a grain of salt but it seems to release sometime soon as Microsoft knows that it’s been long enough since they released the original.

There have been rumours that the Xbox One Elite Controller is going to be discontinued but at least for now it’s confirmed that it’s not. Also, the upcoming controller is going to include features which were missing from the original one which is a great news for all the Xbox fans.

We are more than excited to get hands on the upcoming Xbox One Elite Controller when it launches as it’s going to provide us more control over our movements and increase our accuracy in games like Black Ops 4.

What features do you want to be included in the upcoming Xbox One Elite Controller? Let us know in the comments below.