Metro Exodus now Available for Pre Order on Xbox One With Expansion Pass

Metro Exodus is one of the most anticipated games to be released in 2019 and developer 4A Games is going to continue telling us the story of Artyom in deeper details and the massive new world. Metro Exodus has been available for pre-order for some months on Amazon but finally, it’s now available on Xbox Store as well.

Metro Exodus is finally available for pre-order digitally on Xbox Store. Standalone game is available for $59.99 and you can get Metro Exodus: Gold Edition for $84.99 which includes the game and expansion pass.

Other than that, if you decide to preorder the game now, you will be able to get Metro 2033 Redux at launch for free which is the first game remastered for Xbox One. It’s the perfect time for you to grab Metro as it’s going to feature a very strong story and you can also pre-load the game starting today.

Well, don’t worry if you own a PS4 Pro because we now at least know that the game is going to look great on PlayStation 4 Pro as the developers have polished the game extra exclusively for you.

But on the other hand, Nintendo Switch users will be disappointed to know that it’s not coming to their platform anytime soon as the developers are busy with console platforms.

Just like the previous game, you will never have enough loot in Metro Exodus as the loot is dynamic and it’s going to keep a record of what you already have and what you are going to need. You will need to scavenge through the environment to gather items like attachments for your weapons and more.

Devs behind Exodus, 4A Games have assured everyone that despite being an open world game, it’s going to provide a pure Metro experience which it is known for.

Metro Exodus is scheduled to release on February 22, 2019, for PS4, Xbox One and PC.