Intel Discrete GPU Teased By Intel Graphics, Confirmed For 2020 Release

Intel has been working on its Discrete GPU for some time with former AMD Radeon Tech Group leader, Raja Kadori. While we weren’t expecting Intel to reveal its discrete GPU but the company has teased it with the first-ever look at Intel Discrete GPU.

The video was revealed through the Intel Graphics Twitter account. The video in question just gives us a glimpse of Intel Discrete GPU that Raja Kadori along with a team of developers and designers have been working on.

Not only that, Intel has confirmed that Intel Discrete GPU will be in the market in 2020 and will be a “fully compliant DX12 graphics processor”.

In the video, we get a glimpse of the Intel discrete GPU which doesn’t give us much. However, this might not be the final design for the Discrete GPU by Intel.

Intel Discrete GPU

Also, it is unknown if the Intel Discrete GPU will be targeting gamers or designers and artists. We will know for sure once Intel properly reveals the GPU along with its specs.

Speaking of Intel Discrete GPU, earlier this year Intel revealed a prototype for its discrete GPU at IEE International Solid-State Circuits Conference 2018.

The prototype in question was based on the 14nm process and featured 1.5 billion transistors, frequency range from 50 MHz at 0.51 volts to 400 MHz at 1.2 volts.

Intel has been pushing for GPU even for tasks that usually don’t require a GPU to complete. The reason why I have brought this up is that Intel has enabled GPU based threat detection.

Intel has worked closely with Microsoft and Cisco to enable anti-virus to use your IGPU to scan for viruses. Microsoft has already integrated the Accelerated Memory Scanning into its Windows Defender.

The reason for the GPU based threat detection is to take the load off the CPU as anti-viruses are CPU heavy and in many cases leaves the system not being able to be used as it takes almost all of the CPU resources especially if you are using a mid-range or low-end CPU.

As I mentioned earlier that Intel has hired former AMD Radeon Tech Group leader, Raja Kadori, to work on Intel Discrete GPU but, he is not the only one from AMD that Intel has grabbed to work on its GPU.

Intel has also hired former AMD Senior Director, Chris Hook. Hook will be “driving the marketing strategy for visual technologies and upcoming discrete graphics products.”

Also, Larrabee architect, Tom Forsyth, has also joined Intel to work with Raja Kadori. However, he noted that while he has been hired by Intel to work in Raja’s group but, he currently has no idea on what project he will be working on.